We hope you like our recipes/ideas and incorporating them into some of your own lovely vegan creations. A little bit about us, we are two best friends (12 years strong!) who turned vegan one after the other about three years ago and have been loving it ever since.

Saskia is an Events manager at a veggie vegan restaurant with a fashion degree background. Growing up her dad was a chef and this inspired her passion in the kitchen, making it a mission to covert non-vegans by stellar vegan food selections.

Annie is a rising star in the property industry, but doesn’t let the suits or boardrooms get to her head. Super spiritual, taking daily inspiration from nature and her beautiful blue staffy Tallulah, Annie’s passion for cooking took off when she moved to London to study and uses it for wellness.

Together we design and curate vegan themed dinner parties in Annie’s home for a different selected mix of people every time, putting together veggies, vegans, meat eaters and everything in between.

We are posting our recipes and ideas on here as we go along and we hope you like them!

Saskia rabbit & Annie mouse