Raw courgette lasagne

SERVES: 6  TIME: 45 mins

A few years ago if you had told us that you are able to make the most delicious and refreshing lasagne out of raw products solely from mother nature herself we probably would’ve dubbed you insane.

HOWEVER, luckily for you all it has been done and the recipe is below. The flavours of the cashew cheese and pesto are perfectly balanced, with the tomato and courgette adding a freshness that cuts through the sauce. Going vegan initially can be difficult, often you fall into the carb trap – unsure of what to eat so you stuff yourself full of chips, bread and pasta, well alas we have an answer! (so no excuses now guys).

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 08.58.36.png

  1. For each sauce throw all of the ingredients together into a food processor (obviously separately). For the cashew cheese we recommend starting with 6 tbsp of water and check the consistency – you don’t want it too runny or it won’t hold it’s shape and will slide straight off!
  2. Blend until smooth and you have your two sauces.
  3. Now it’s time to layer your lasagne, follow and repeat these steps for our version or get creative with your own; 3 slices of courgette – 1 slice of tomato – 1 dollop of cashew cheese (use the following courgettes to squish down the dollop).
  4. Continue stacking your tower like this until it is as high as you want it to be. We went for 5 layers but the braver of you may want to go higher to show off, and finish with a dollop of the pesto on top and a sprig of basil.



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