Garlic smashed potato salad

SERVES: 10  TIME: 30 mins

No BBQ would be complete without a potato salad, and it was so simple to make too. We whipped this up in just under half an hour and the guests devoured it much quicker then that!Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 20.16.29.png

  1. Boil the potatoes in a pan of hot water until they still have a bite but can be crushed (about 15 minutes).

  2. Crush the potatoes in a bowl with a spoon – not too mushy as we want them quite rustic-looking.

  3. Add roughly 3 large dollops of our basic aioli dip – this is all about taste though so make it as saucy as you like…

  4. Roughly chop 5 spring onions and add the spring onions to the aioli covered potatoes then season with salt and pepper.

Make sure you plate some up for yourself first because this was demolished this before we got a look in. We’ve got a crush on these potatoes for sure.


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