Spicy tomato ketchup

MAKES: A medium jar  TIME: 20 mins

Tomato sauce is the most renowned of condiments with 97% of all households having a bottle – if you didn’t know that you need to ketchup. Whilst it’s all well and good reaching for the classic Heinz it’s much more satisfying to make your own and it’s incredibly easy.

To make the base you can either use double concentrate tomato puree or cook down your own tomatoes and mush up in a processor. Either way, you’ve got no excuse and it really does uplift even the weirdest fridge-scraping sort of meals..

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 11.15.14.png

Hot sauce is a particularly contentious condiment; everyone has a favourite type. Here we’ve used The Hot Mama sauce from Tailors Kitchen – one of our favourites totally free from preservatives and refined sugar.

spicy ketchup 4

The recipe itself is incredibly easy;

  1. Whack everything in a bowl and stir it. Adding more hot sauce if required.

spicy ketchup


What more do you want?

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