G&T strawberry basil ice lollies

SERVES: 10  TIME: 20 mins (plus overnight freeze)

Gin, yes. Strawberries, yes. Fresh basil, absolutely. Ice lollies, PLEASE. All rolled into one delicious little boozy morsel? SOUNDS PRETTY DAMN ICE.

What more do you want from a cooling summer treat? Great for BBQs, which is what we debuted these little beauties at but also fab to head to the park with for a fortified stroll.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 15.47.29

We chose silicone moulds x 10. Although on the day there were actually 11 guests, we shared ours because we share everything and we might have ended up a little too soft round the edges too early on.

It’s a supremely easy recipe;

    Put the sugar in a saucepan with about 75ml water and keep on a medium heat until the sugar has gone incognito..
    Leave it to cool totally.
    Mix the gin, lime and tonic in a bowl.
    Get your lolly moulds prepped by chucking in the strawberries (sliced about 0.5cm) and basil. You can be as neat or as nasty as you like about this.
    Throw the now cool sugar syrup in with the gin mix and distribute across the moulds.
    Shove ur sticks in and pop in the freezer overnight.


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