Parma violet vodka shots

We decided to accompany our VIOLET dessert in our Taste the Rainbow themed dinner party with a Parma Violet vodka shot (any opportunity). It’s a great way to use this homemade syrup (recipe here) and to give yourself a pat on the back/liver for being awesome.

DISCLAIMER: We have very, we repeat, VERY roughly guessed the measurements for this shot mixture so tasting-as-you-go is recommended, and fun. We like it strong, so go softly-softly-catchy-monkey if you aren’t as tough as us…

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 21.13.32

  1. Smash it all in a jug and pop it in the fridge. Pay heed to the disclaimer above and taste it along the way to make sure you can hack it.
  2. Pour your crushed Parma Violets onto a flat small plate and shake to evenly cover. Run half a lime/lemon along the rim of your shot glasses and then place it flatly into the crushed sweets without pressing too hard. This is to create a dusting of the sweet along the rim of your shot glasses.
  3. Pour the mixture carefully into the glasses when you’re ready to serve.

We served ours alongside our Parma Violet ice cream in a dark chocolate cage – the perfect end to a colourful evening.


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